Tickets and fees

The Concert Hall Aarhus sells tickets for other performances as well as for their own via Therefore the Concert Hall's fee politics are identical to the ones for On all tickets there are added an expedition fee of 20 kr.

In adverts and magazines we state our ticket prices incl. fees. Also at the web pages of the Concert Hall and Billetlugen are the price and the included fee shown. Because of technical reasons the ticket price and the fee are separated when you are choosing price categories during the purchase.

The Ticket Sale at the Concert Hall Aarhus

The Ticket Sale in the Foyer is open basically every day from 11.00-18.00. On days of one to more paid ticket performances in the halls, the Ticket Sale is open until 21.00. If there are only free con-certs in the halls, the Ticket Sale will be closed at 18.00.
At some occasions, the Foyer will be closed for the public, for instance during the SPOT Festival, or during big business conferences. In these cases, the Ticket Sale will move to the southerly entrance of the Foyer (towards Hotel Radisson), or to the Concert Hall's entrance by Skovgaardsgade.



It is not the responsibility or duty of the Concert Hall Aarhus to refund tickets in case of cancella-tions, if the cancelled performance is arranged by people or companies with no connection to the Concert Hall. The arranger is published on the ticket and on the webpage of the Concert Hall. If you are not sure who the arranger of a particular performance is, you can ask the Ticket Sale at the Con-cert Hall.

Tickets bought via the Concert Hall's webpage can be purchased as print-it-yourself tickets. If you book tickets by telephone, you can choose between picking them up when the Ticket Sale is open, or get them by mail. It costs 18 kr. to get the tickets by mail.


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